Ethics Hotline, Whistleblower, Anti-Bullying

Software and Service for reporting unethical, illegal or violation professional company standards.

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Reporting by Web, TollFree, E-mail, Messengers, Bots

We know colletct information and how to present it to you.

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With Hello Ethics is an Intelligence SaaS that you can collect information from small or big group of people. No matter the size of your company. We work with common goal: collect human information about situations like ethics violation, safeguarding information, integrity, etc.


Amazing design: Clear, simple, affordable. We can customize the colors and logo of your company. No extra fees.


Web, e-mail, tollfree, messenger, bots, voice recorder. You receive the reports on time or in the shortest time possible.


Manage your reports in Desktop/Mobile. Status, check back report ID, stats, analytics viewers, export your graphs or stats, send e-mails for your investigative team.

Multi Languages

You can choose: English, portuguese, spanish, french and chinese. Need more? contact us.


Hello Ethics give you stats and smart views to analyze your reports, export to excel, print graphs, etc.


Change phrases, texts, create reports, graphs, change color and logo. You can cusmtomize your software. Please, verify the conditions of your plan.

7 Days

Seven day to start your operation! Completely online, affordable. Fill our questionary, send us and in 7 days your service will be working. Obs: Some companies need more days.

Online Training

Hello Ethics is easy and simple! But you can access a training library to use software or the How to Internal Marketing.


SSL, Microsoft Azure SQL Server, TDE Encryption, daily backup, encripted code and more.

About us

Hello Ethics is a SaaS (Software as a Service), developed by ILLIX, a company in risk management services, investigation, cyber threats, data science and app developer. Hello Ethics SaaS give your company a complete solution in software and service with grateful designer, easy desktop or mobile interface and Intelligence! Need more? Contact us:

Our Skills

Hello Ethics is a solution based in inovattive, Cognitive Computing (AI) and easely operation. Our software can to learn with each report.

Grateful designer
Easy and clear
Shortest implement
Multi language

Why Choose Us?

Hello Ethics was designed for basic or advanced users. Easy, soft and intuitive, the app guide to what the user wants. The use, in desktop or mobile is optional. A help manual not is necessary. Simple touchs for the user and complex task for the app. You can view your reports or stats without difficulty or effort. Received documents? You can manager this files in the report screen. Need received alerts when a specific keyword appear? You can make it!

Hello Ethics give you the cross data experience! You can see your data in a variety formats such as maps, Timeline or network analysis graph. You will be able to see things that a simple stats can not reveal to you. The best? Easy to get it!

Yes, innovation is our world! Cognitive algorithms can classify the reports automatically. Oh! Is it incorrect? Just correct it, Hello Ethics will learn! The app get keywords and entities for analysis, using Natural Language Understanding. Also, emails and attachs do not need human help. The software get all things easily and send to user / complainant the Report ID! You don't like? You can configure to not receiving or sending emails. You decide! In Hello Ethics you configure the app!

@Halloobot - The Hello Ethics Chatbot

Bot (Robot abreviattion) is an application that perform an automated task, such as setting an alarm, telling you the weather or searching online. Hello Ethics bot collect information for make report like a human operator, simulating an intelligent conversation with users via auditory or textual methods. Whatsapp Demo



Would like to know? We have a Real Demo in Whatsapp. Click HERE and test!

Slow Internet

Bots are amazing for regions with slow internet in the world. No frames or heavy images, just text.


Change phrases, texts, languages, bot script. Remember, you can customize your Hello Ethics and bots too.


You can choose english, portuguese, spanish, french. Need more? Contact us.


Yes! our bot is intelligent: He can learn from previous reports.


Annual 15% discount for Only Web, Recorded and 20% for Advanced. Contact us:

$ 19 /rep
  • Website, e-mail
  • 2 Customizations free
  • 2 languages
  • Paid Extras
Only Web
$ 105 /mo
  • To 2000 people
  • Web, e-mail, messenger, bots
  • 2 Customizations /mo
  • 2 languages
  • Online Training
$ 220 /mo
  • To 3000 people
  • Web, e-mail, messenger, bots
  • AI conversational Toll free
  • 5 Customizations /mo
  • 2 languages

Some Screenshots

You can see some screenshots. If you need a demo, contact us!


Timeline provides a smart search about keywords, situations, names. Ideal to reconstruct events.


Network visualization allow you see social relations among a set of actors or keywords from your reports.


You can access the most important stats from your reports. If you need another graph? Just ask us.